Alfred Bersted Foundation Makes Center for Autism Move Possible

Little Friends would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Alfred Bersted Foundation for their generous support, which made it possible for the Center for Autism to relocate to our main Naperville campus. The new facilities provide more treatment rooms and waiting areas for parents, as well as a fully-equipped training room to host workshops for our staff, community schools and other organizations.

The Little Friends Center for Autism (LFCA) originally opened in 2004 to provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for autism, which can be difficult to obtain outside of a university hospital setting. Each year, LFCA conducts over 125 evaluations and re-evaluations for clients 18 months old through adulthood. Our gold-standard assessment process not only delivers a thorough diagnosis, but also includes extensive recommendations for achieving continued success at home and in school.

We know that a child will only be able to lead a fulfilling life if we are able to understand his/her unique challenges and can customize a teaching routine that best accommodates his/her learning style; which is why our team of skilled, experienced clinicians provides an extensive treatment plan – not just a diagnosis. We also know that the earlier you diagnose and treat a child, the more likely they are to be successful.

The Alfred Bersted Foundation was established in 1972 to support and promote quality educational, human services, and health care programming for underserved populations. The Alfred Bersted Foundation specifically serves the people of DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, & McHenry counties in Illinois – our community.