Little Friends
Center for Autism

Our mission is a fulfilling life for your child. At the Little Friends Center for Autism, we have the groundbreaking treatment programs and nationally respected staff to empower clients for life.Treatment starts at diagnosis — when we create a comprehensive strategy for your child — and continues through social skills groups, applied behavior analysis, speech therapy and more. With a plan tailored to their strengths and needs, your child will develop the skills needed to flourish in our community.

Little Friends Center for Autism accepts BCBSPPO.

Please see below for a current list of available training opportunities, or call (630) 305-4196.

Autism Evaluation Clinic

An autism diagnosis is just the beginning of a journey. At our Autism Evaluation Clinic, our experts provide a report detailing your child’s strengths, needs and treatment strategies — outlining a comprehensive plan for home, school and therapy. Our experts evaluate each individual using the Gold Standard assessment for ASD. So you’ll feel the security of a trusted, detailed guide for your child’s development.

Evaluations include: Parent Interviews, Psychological Testing, Autism Assessment, Adaptive and Behavioral Assessment, Speech Evaluation.

Little Friends Center for Autism accepts BCBSPPO.

Speech Therapy

For your child, communication is the path to growth. It’s how they express their personality, their emotions, what they need from you. And for those with autism and other developmental disabilities, it’s a challenge as frustrating as it is important.

Our expert speech pathologists help clients develop language and conversation skills — assets for a healthy social life. With their newfound confidence, your child can form lasting relationships in our community.

Little Friends Center for Autism accepts BCBSPPO.

Social Skills Groups

The most powerful social lessons aren’t taught. They’re experienced through lasting friendships. With our Social Skills Groups and Peer Pairs, your child will learn critical skills like eye contact, conversation and more. A licensed clinical counselor and social worker will guide clients as they learn the skills of a community member and develop meaningful relationships for life.

Clients develop the following skills:

  • Eye contact
  • Greetings
  • Perspective Taking
  • Conversation
  • Turn Taking
  • Respect
  • Game Playing

Applied Behavior Analysis

Your child’s strengths and needs are all their own. So is the way they learn. With applied behavior analysis, our experts tailor a dynamic education plan for each client; so they can learn invaluable skills at the right pace, in the ideal environment for them. As they develop skills in fields like math, reading and communication, we adapt their program to keep pace with their growth.

Little Friends Center for Autism accepts BCBSPPO.

We teach a variety of skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Language
  • One-Step Directions
  • Matching
  • Cooperation
  • Social Skills
  • Identifying and Labeling Body Parts
  • Categories
  • Math and Reading Readiness
  • Toilet Training

Training Opportunities

For parents and professionals, understanding autism is critical.

Our instructors offer realistic, usable advice on topics ranging from autism treatments to proactive behavior management. No matter how experienced, every parent and professional can learn from our programs and connect with other caretakers. We offer on-site training as well as in-services for schools and other organizations. Continuing Education Units are also available.

Please see below for a complete list of training opportunities and to register.

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