Adult Services

Fulfillment is freedom. Our clients shape their own lifestyles, determining their schedule, friends and living space as they reach adulthood.

Instead of being sheltered, they are proudly living within our community, finding the joy of purposeful work and meaningful relationships.

We empower — regardless of challenge.

Community Living

Independence is empowering. As members of our community, Little Friends’ clients can choose to live in apartments, condominiums or single-family homes. Our staff provides intermittent or 24-hour support to meet individual client needs. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or behavioral, we have the experience and the resources to help. So they can enjoy the support of our caring staff as they shape their own lifestyle.

Spectrum Vocational Services

At Spectrum, we empower adult clients to achieve their goals, both career and personal. Our clients provide services for a wide range of industries, gaining valuable work experience to develop life skills and foster independence.

Inklude Studio

Art is an important outlet for many of our clients. It’s how they express themselves to our community in a way words never could. At Inklude, our adult artists flourish in an open, collaborative studio environment, where they make decisions regarding exhibitions and sales opportunities. It’s empowering. And as clients manage studio operations and create original artwork, they develop a sense of purpose and belonging only possible through art.

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